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PGSD Distance Learning Option

The form may be filled out for a student to request the PGSD Distance Learning option. Your student must be registered in the PGSD to apply. All applications must be submitted to your child’s home school by 2:00pm, Wednesday, July 29, 2020.

In order to give flexibility to families during the 2020-2021 school year, school officials are offering the option of participating in PGSD Distance Learning.
Pascagoula-Gautier School District Distance Learning Considerations and Student/Parent Requirements
SECTION 1: PGSD Distance Learning Considerations
Consider the following when determining if applying for distance learning is the best option for your child.
  • Students will need to complete registration at their 2020-2021 assigned school.
  • Students in PGSD Distance Learning will be enrolled at a PGSD school, but will participate in distance learning and complete their assignments at home.
  • Teachers will assist students in working through weekly assignments using interactive and independent activities.
  • The content and pace will match traditional school curriculum experiences.
  • Distance learning students must be committed to online learning.
  • While distance learning is an option for students in unique situations, distance learning does not serve as an equitable alternative to the traditional classroom setting.
  • Students who are enrolled in the PGSD Distance Learning option will not participate in athletics/extracurricular activities, and there is no guarantee that all programs, courses, or electives will be available.
As educators, we feel it is important to share that we strongly believe face-to-face instruction is the most beneficial and effective academic and social-emotional instructional delivery model, and careful consideration should be taken when making the decision to participate in the PGSD Distance Learning option.
SECTION 2: PGSD Distance Learning Participation Requirements 
In order for us to support the optional PGSD Distance Learning option, parents MUST be able to meet the requirements outlined below:
  • Approved applications will be in effect on a nine-weeks by nine-weeks basis. Students choosing the PGSD Distance Learning option must complete nine-weeks of online instruction. There will be an opportunity to transfer from the PGSD Distance Learning option to the traditional classroom setting at the end of each nine-week grading period. When moving from PGSD Distance Learning to the classroom setting, a student’s schedule may change due to course availability.
  • PGSD Distance Learning students will follow the academic calendar approved by the school board.
  • Students must strictly adhere to the traditional schedule, five and a half (5 ½) hours a day for five (5) days per week.
  • Students will access learning daily through distance learning on Monday through Friday using interactive and independent activities. Students will use Seesaw/Google Classroom/Canvas/Edgenuity with their teacher(s).
  • Normal attendance is mandatory including required seat time. Attendance will be taken for each period.
  • Students are required to be on time and fully present for each class and engaged at all times.
  • Students must be able to access instructional materials using the PGSD Learning Management Systems (Seesaw/Google Classroom/Canvas/Edgenuity) and technology-free tools, where needed. Students may be required to pick up instructional materials from the school.
  • Students will be responsible for new material using the regular pacing guide, graded assignments and other assessments.
  • Students will adhere to all PGSD grading policies and procedures during distance learning.
  • Parents must be able to transport their child/children to their assigned school as required for proctored assessments as needed and/or required.
  • PGSD K-12 students will have a Chromebook available to them for check out when the PGSD Distance Learning option begins.
  • Parents and students must sign the PGSD Parent/Guardian Chromebook Responsibility Form prior to a device being issued.
  • Parents must sign the PGSD Consent and Release for Video/Audio Conferencing Form.
Some elective courses and opportunities may not be offered to full-time distance learning students. For example, extracurricular activities such as athletics and fine arts will not be available because full-time distance learning students will be working off-campus.
SECTION 3: PGSD Distance Learning Technology Requirements  
Families must have high-speed WiFi access available in their homes that will allow students in the household to work online simultaneously for up to 5 ½ hours per day if choosing this option. 
Online/digital learning will be the primary method of working towards competency in a grade level and/or content area. Because distance learning will not be delivered exclusively through paper packets, students must have access to adequate Internet services. A reliable, high-speed internet connection should be at least DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) with minimum speeds of 3 to 8 Mbps. Dial-up and satellite Internet do not qualify as high-speed Internet.
SECTION 4: Other Considerations 
If at any point, the school or district determines that distance learning is not the most effective learning approach for a student due to lack of attendance, participation, or academic growth, a conference will be held with the parent and principal to determine a potential change of delivery scenario. 
The district has selected three learning management systems for distance learning:
  • Seesaw/Google Classroom for elementary schools, which is provided through the PGSD Google accounts and accessible through the Clever portal
  • Google Classroom/Canvas/Edgenuity for middle and high schools
  • PGSD is also using a variety of tools to support distance learning.
PGSD will continue to offer teachers opportunities for professional development and resources that support the diverse needs of our learning community.
Application deadline for distance learning is 2:00pm, Wednesday, July 29, 2020. Written statement is required from the student’s parent/guardian stating why he/she cannot physically attend school. Parents must also go to their child’s school to sign the Chromebook Responsibility Form and Content/Release for Video/Audio Conferencing Form. If approved, the student will be required to remain in the distance learning option for nine weeks and will only be eligible for an extension on the successful completion of all assignments, assessments and attendance. Distance learning students will not be eligible to participate in sports or extracurricular activities. 
It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to turn in all required documentation to your child's assigned school. 

Procedures for Applying

Step 1 - Complete the Google Form below or here.  
Step 2  - Complete the Parent Statement. Complete the Learning Considerations & Requirements.
Step 3 - Turn in required documentation to assigned school.
Step 4 - Complete the Parent/Guardian Chromebook Responsibility Form, and Consent and Release for Video/Audio Conferencing Form at the school.

Required Documentation