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Whole-Child Education » Tier 2: Targeted Interventions (R360)

Tier 2: Targeted Interventions (R360)

Tier II (Supplemental/Targeted Support) 
Tier II (typically 10-15% of population) is supplemental, targeted academic and/or behavioral instruction that is provided in addition to the core instruction. Tier II interventions are designed for students who have not positively responded to Tier I efforts, instruction, and/or behavior management within the general classroom.
Within this tier of intervention support, the teacher typically provides additional instructional support aligned to core lessons. The interventions are carefully developed using various instructional planning resources.  Tier II interventions should focus on specific, identified skill gaps, and they should be closely monitored.   Tier II interventions should be well-planned, data-driven, and follow a progression of skills. The interventions should be scaffolded based on the individual needs of the learner. The following interventions should be used for Tier 2 Targeted Interventions.
(Must be used by the classroom teacher prior to entering Tier 2)
Reinforcement Plan 
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Remember, we recommend selecting one target behavior/objective and one intervention (one of the 6 below) to address the target behavior. Be sure to track progress in Review 360 consistently in order to determine the effectiveness of your intervention as well as the student's progress. 
Use the document below to help you identify the primary Target Behaviors: