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Whole-Child Education » Tier 3: Individualized Interventions

Tier 3: Individualized Interventions

Tier III
Tier III (typically 1-5% of population) provides the most intensive, targeted instruction specifically designed to meet the individual needs of the student. Prior to moving a student to Tier III, a hearing screening and a vision screening MUST be conducted and the results should be reviewed during the TST data review.
Tier III instruction should be designed to increase an individual student’s rate of progress, close deficit gaps between the student and their peers, based on the student’s need as determined by assessment data (universal screenings, diagnostic assessments, progress monitoring, etc) and aligned to the core curricula.  Intensive interventions should be evidence-based, taught explicitly and systematically, and judiciously monitored for fidelity during implementation.  Intensive instruction is provided in small groups or on an individual basis as dictated by the collected data.
For Behavior TST (PBIS), a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plan must be completed. 
Use the document below to help you complete your FBA and BIP: