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Pascagoula-Gautier School District

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Diagnostic Services Information

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Dr. Charcelor (Chase) McCullum
Lead School Psychologist 
Ms. Ann Ramsey
Diagnostic Clerk 
       Diagnostic Assessment Team
Ms. Etta Delorey
Ms. Shanon Hinkel 
Ms. Mary Anne Holloman
Dr. Rachel Mitchell
School Psychologist 
Ms. Tricia Wilson
School Psychologist 
         Positive Behavior Support Staff 
Ms. Brenda Marshall
Lead Positive Behavior Specialist 
Ms. Erica Anderson 
Direct Services Support Specialist/Social Worker
Dr. Rachel Mitchell 
School Psychologist 
Ms. Kristen Sims 
Positive Behavior Specialist (PBS)
Ms. Tricia Wilson 
School Psychologist 
Our Team Also includes:
Ms. Patricia Keaney 
Director of Special Education
(Diagnostics is located within the Special Education Department) 
Ms. Gwen Stallworth 
Assistant Director of Special Education
Ms. Joanna Shaw
Lead Speech Pathologist 
Ms. Susan Salmon
MTSS/Assessment Coordinator