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Pascagoula-Gautier School District

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Important Dates!
August 9-27, 2021
January 10-21, 2022
March 28 - April 8, 2022
Review 360
September 14-20, 2021
December 13-17, 2021
March 7-11, 2022
MTSS Resources
iReady Reading Cut Scores/IRP
Tier I Forms
Tier 2 Forms 
Tier 3 Forms 
Additional Information - General
MTSS - Miscellaneous 
Additional Info - Medical
Reminder: When MET Decision is to Evaluate

Definition of Current

Types of Existing Records

No more than one (1) year old at the time the parent signs consent

·       Intelligence measures

·       Hearing screening and follow-up evaluations

·       Vision screening and follow-up evaluations

·       Physical examinations

No more than six (6) months old at the time the parent signs consent

·       Teacher Narrative (Appendix EE.I) 

·       Achievement measures 

·       Social, behavioral, adaptive, and emotional measures

·       Language/speech assessments 

·       Motor assessments 

·       Curriculum-based assessments

No more than three (3) months old at the time the parent signs consent

·       Developmental History (Appendix EE.H)

·       Developmental instruments

Procedural Safeguards
Behavior Related MTSS Forms
Dyslexia Information
Yellow Folder Information and Guidance