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Pascagoula-Gautier School District

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Federal Programs

Federal Programs General Information

The Parent Center

Research has shown the positive effects of parental involvement on student achievement and school improvement. Many educational studies have shown the benefits to students, families, schools, and communities when schools and  families establish partnerships. 

The Parent Center, funded through Title 1, was established in 1992 to provide a bridge between home, school, and community. The center brings families and schools closer together. 

The goal of the Parent Center is to promote parental involvement by providing academic materials for parents to use in the home. These materials include work packets to allow parents to reinforce or review subject-specific skills, educational video and audio tapes, games, books, and pamphlets. A monthly newsletter, Parents Make the Difference, is distributed to all Title I families. Workshops based on parent interest or need are conducted throughout the school  year. Some of the workshops include parenting skills, learning how to help your child with homework, building a child's self-esteem, and strategies for creating successful students. Hours during school days are 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Parents may visit the Center, located at 1526 Tucker Avenue (the Annex Building on the corner of Tucker and Market),  order materials by phone (938-6219), or email Robin Brown ([email protected]) or Angie Nix ([email protected]).

Parental Involvement Policy

Federal education law requires districts that receive Title I funds to develop a parental involvement policy. Also, Title I schools must develop a parental involvement policy. Each year the district Parent Advisory Committee reviews the parental involvement policy and makes suggestion for revisions. School Data Teams review the school policy and make revisions as necessary.

Parents are encouraged to review the district parental involvement policy and make suggestions for revisions by calling the Parent Center at 938-6219.

Services to Private School Students

Federal education laws require school districts that receive federal education grants  to provide services to private school students attending school within school district boundaries. Federal programs to benefit private school students include Title I, Title II, Title III, and Title IV. Each year, the school district consults with private school officials to determine if services to private school students are desired.  Of the four private schools located within the Pascagoula School District boundaries, Resurrection Catholic Elementary and Resurrection Catholic Middle High receive services from the district. The other two private schools declined the services for the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years.
Services offered to private school students include additional academic assistance from a district teacher and  computer assisted instruction. A workshop to assist the parents of Title I students is held each year and parents are notified about parental involvement programs offered at public schools. Teachers of Title I students are informed about district professional development sessions.
Private school officials have the right to file a complaint if a district does not conduct meaningful and timely consultation with the private school or allow participation of private school students. A copy of the complaint process is attached.

About Federal Programs

The Federal Programs Department is responsible for writing, administering, monitoring, and evaluating the federal education grants received by the Pascagoula School District. These federal grants are used by the district each year to supplement teaching and learning. The following grants are maintained by this department:

  Title I - provides supplementary staff, materials, and technology

  Title II - provides teachers for class size reduction

  Title III - provides staff and materials for English language learners

Other responsibilities of this department include the following:

-Parental Involvement - support for parents


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