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Pascagoula-Gautier School District

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  • Chief Financial Officer
        Jana Grenn     Phone: (228) 938-6514 
        Email Jana Grenn
  • Director of Finance
        Terry Harris     
        Phone: (228) 938-6512 
        Email Terry Harris

    Responsible for: Budget and Accounting


  • Manager of Human Resources
        Cindy Brister 
        Phone: (228) 938-6506 
        Email Cindy Brister

    Responsible for: Contracts, Supplements, Workers' Comp., TAMIS, Family and Medical Leave, Donated Leave, MS Ed License Renewal, Retirement


  • Human Resources
        Susan Maniscalco
        Phone: (228) 938-6506 
        Email Susan Maniscalco

    Responsible for: Job Postings, Personnel Documentation, Change of Name/Address


  • Accountant
        Cheryl Greer 
        Phone: (228) 938-6516 
        Email Cheryl Greer

    Responsible for: Fixed Assets, EEF Funds, Club Accounting, General Accounting, Bids


  • Bookkeeper, Payroll
        Julie Simone 
        Phone: (228) 938-6202 
        Email Julie Simone

    Responsible for: Direct Deposit, Salary information, Payroll Checks, Time-Keeping/Payroll Processing


  • Secretary to the CFO
        Judy Clark      
        Phone: (228) 938-6514 
        Email Judy Clark

    Responsible for: Student Insurance, Vandalism & Accident Reports, Donations, Use of Facilities


  • Employee Benefits, Bookkeeper
        Jackie Theisen 
        Phone: (228) 938-6510 
        Email Jackie Theisen

    Responsible for: Health, Life, Disability, Vision, Dental Insurance


  • Bookkeeper, Payroll
        Elise Faggard     

        Phone: (228) 938-6517 
        Email Elise Faggard

    Responsible for: Direct Deposit, Salary information, Payroll Checks, Time-Keeping/Payroll Processing, Tamis


  • Bookkeeper, Activity
        Pat McKeel 
        Phone: (228) 938-6519 
        Email Pat McKeel

    Responsible for: Bank Deposits, Activity Fund Accounts, Athletic Officials, Purchase Orders, New Vendors


  • Bookkeeper, Accounts Payable
        Quita Salters 
        Phone: (228) 938-6518 
        Email Quita Salters

    Responsible for: Travel Checks, Payment of Purchase Orders/Invoices


  • Bookkeeper, Accounts Payable
        Suzanne Wood 
        Phone: (228) 938-6499 
        Email Suzanne Wood

    Responsible for: Kelly Services Billing, Grant Fund Accounting, Invoices