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Pascagoula-Gautier School District

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Human Resources

Welcome! to the Pascagoula-Gautier School District's Human Resources page.

We are committed to providing you with outstanding support service. If you need assistance with or have questions about benefits, payroll, or other job-related questions, we are here for you!

Considering Retirement?

If you plan to retire at the end of this school year, please contact Cindy Hardy (Brister) at 228-938-6515.  We need to set an appointment date to complete the Pre-Application for Retirement.  At this appointment, you will need the following documents:  social security card, valid driver's license or birth certificate and the social security number and date of birth of at least two individuals you may list as a beneficiary.  PERS does ask for the Pre-Application for Retirement to be submitted at least 90 days before your retirement date.  

See the PERS website Public Employees Retirement System of Mississippi for seminar dates and registration information.  We strongly encourage employees to attend a meeting with PERS once becoming eligible to retire.

Deferred Compensation  

Learn more at:  Mississippi Deferred Compensation Plan


New Educator Information System: Mississippi Career Continuum Archive (MECCA) System 

Click Here to Access MECCA   

MECCA Account Registration User Guide

Licensure Guidelines K12

Contact Cindy Hardy, 228-938-6515 or [email protected], with questions. 



  • Human Resources,  Manager
    Cindy Hardy       
    Phone: (228) 938-6515 [email protected]

    Responsible for: Contracts, Supplements,  Family and Medical Leave Act, MS Ed. License Renewal, Retirement

  • Human Resources, Assistant
    Susan Maniscalco
    Phone: (228) 938-6506     [email protected]   

    Responsible for: Active Resources, Job Postings, Employment Verification, Change of Name/Address, New-Hires

  • Bookkeeper, Payroll
    Meagen Smith 
    Phone: (228) 938-6202       [email protected]

    Responsible for: Active Resources, Direct Deposits, Salary Verifications, Payroll, Time-Keeping/Payroll Processing, Donated Leave

  • Bookkeeper, Employee Benefits
    Jackie Theisen 
    Phone: (228) 938-6510     [email protected]

    Responsible for: Health, Life, American Fidelity Information, Worker's Compensation