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Human Resources

Welcome! to the Pascagoula-Gautier School District's Human Resources page.

We are committed to providing you with outstanding support service. If you need assistance with or have questions about benefits, payroll, or other job-related questions, we are here for you!

Considering Retirement?

If you plan to retire at the end of this school year, please contact Cindy Hardy (Brister) at 228-938-6515.  We need to set an appointment date to complete the Pre-Application for Retirement.  At this appointment, you will need the following documents:  social security card, valid driver's license or birth certificate and the social security number and date of birth of at least two individuals you may list as a beneficiary.  PERS does ask for the Pre-Application for Retirement to be submitted at least 90 days before your retirement date.  

See the PERS website Public Employees Retirement System of Mississippi for seminar dates and registration information.  We strongly encourage employees to attend a meeting with PERS once becoming eligible to retire.

Deferred Compensation  

Learn more at:  Mississippi Deferred Compensation Plan


MS Educator License Renewal Application Process

Document Submission

All applications and supporting documentation must be submitted electronically through the
educator’s assigned Educator Licensure Management System (ELMS) account. No documents
should be submitted via postal mail. Licenses will be valid from the day the completed application
packet is received and validated by the Division of Educator Licensure. A completed application
packet includes the licensure application and all supporting documentation required for your
requested license type. Applications that are submitted without supporting documents will be
considered incomplete and the educator will be emailed a “requirements” letter stating which
documents are needed to process the licensure request. Please review the Licensure Application
Checklist to identify the documents required for obtaining licensure in your desired area of

Transcripts must be submitted electronically directly from the institution and licensure test score
reports directly from the appropriate testing company. All original documents to be used as part
of the licensure application review process must be scanned and then uploaded to your ELMS
account as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file, captured using the camera on your cellular
device, or by utilizing free software applications available for download that are compatible with
most smartphone models. When capturing a photograph of the document to be submitted, please
be sure to remove any content and/or extra spacing that is not part of the document. This should
be done prior to document upload to not obstruct access to information pertinent to reviewing and
processing your licensure request.

All documents submitted to the Division of Educator Licensure become the property of the
Mississippi Department of Education and will not be returned to the applicant, unless otherwise
stated, nor will the Department provide copies of the documents to the applicant or third parties. 
Only the following documents will be duplicated and returned to the applicant if submission is
required: Original – Out-of-state license, Professional Association Card, Marriage License, Birth
Certificate, and Licensure Test Score Report. It is the responsibility of the educator to obtain copies
of documents prior to submission to the Division of Educator Licensure. 


Verification of Lawful Presence

Mississippi Code Ann.  71-11-1 requires all agencies within the state of Mississippi to fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Therefore, the Division of Educator Licensure has amended the current licensure application process to include the procedures for verifying an applicant's lawful presence in the United States.

Effective with applications received January 1, 2021 and thereafter, Citizens of the United States are required to submit appropriate documentation for verification once during their most immediate licensure application submission. Non-US citizens are required to submit appropriate documentation for verification with each licensure application submission, or when their United States Citizenship and Immigration Services documents expire, whichever comes first.  Licensure application(s) shall not be processed if the applicant fails to answer the request for documentation required for verification of lawful presence in the United States.

Any initial or renewable license issued to an applicant who is not a United States citizen shall expire in accordance with the appropriate validity date required by a particular license type but, shall not exceed the expiration date of the applicant's authorized stay in the United States, whichever is the lesser period of time.  A change in a Non-US citizen's lawful presence status will affect his/her ability to receive or continue to hold a Mississippi educator license.  

It shall be the responsibility of the prospective or practicing educator to obtain and provide the MDE with required documentation regarding his/her United States citizenship or lawful presence status. Required forms and additional information found therein, can be accessed via the following web link:

When the process is complete and your receive your email from the MDE informing you that your MS

Ed License has been issued, you can go to "Licensure Look-Up" on the ELMS log-in page to print your MS

Ed License.  Please forward the email to Cindy Hardy (Brister) so that your renewed MS Ed License is placed in

your file.


Contact Cindy Hardy, 228-938-6515 or [email protected], with questions. 

Licensure Guidelines K12



  • Human Resources,  Manager
    Cindy Hardy       
    Phone: (228) 938-6515 [email protected]

    Responsible for: Contracts, Supplements,  Family and Medical Leave Act, MS Ed. License Renewal, Retirement

  • Human Resources, Assistant
    Susan Maniscalco
    Phone: (228) 938-6506     [email protected]   

    Responsible for: Active Resources, Job Postings, Employment Verification, Change of Name/Address, New-Hires

  • Bookkeeper, Payroll
    Meagen Smith 
    Phone: (228) 938-6202       [email protected]

    Responsible for: Active Resources, Direct Deposits, Salary Verifications, Payroll, Time-Keeping/Payroll Processing, Donated Leave

  • Bookkeeper, Employee Benefits
    Jackie Theisen 
    Phone: (228) 938-6510     [email protected]

    Responsible for: Health, Life, American Fidelity Information, Worker's Compensation