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Pascagoula-Gautier School District

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New Materials


Grades K-4:

Holidays for Children:
Constitution Day
Earth Day
The 100th Day of School
Columbus Day

Tall Tales & Legends:
Annie Oakley
Creating a Tall Tale
Davy Crocket
John Henry
Johnny Appleseed
Mose Humphreys
Old Stormalong
Paul Bunyan
Pecos Bill
Regional Tall Tales

Magic School Bus:
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
Catches a Wave
Creepy Crawly Fun
Human Body
Space Adventures
Super Sports Fun

Grades 1-3:
Primary Citizenship:
America's Flags
America's National Holidays
America's Songs of Liberty
America's Symbols
We are Citizens
We Pledge Allegiance
We Vote

Grades 2-5

Countries Around the World:
Australia                   Japan
Belgium                     Kenya
Brazil                         Madagascar
Canada                     Mexico
China                        Russia
France                      South Africa
Germany                   Spain
Greece                      Turkey
Ireland                      United Kingdom
Italy                          United States

Grades 5-9:

Science Clips for Students:
Adaptations & Life Cycles
Chemical Reactions & Electricity
Forces in Action
Health & the Human Body
States of Matter
Using Light Energy

Writing for Students:
Creative & Narrative Writing
Editing Proofreading
Using the Writing Process
Writing Effective Paragraphs
Writing Expository Essays
Writing for Formal & Informal Purposes
Writing Persuasive Eassays

Grade 6 and up


Grades 7 and up

Natural Wonders:
Natural Island Wonders
Natural Wonders of Australia
Natural Wonders of East Africa
Natural Wonders of Europe
Natural Wonders of South America
Natural Wonders of the United States
Natural Wonders of West Africa