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Pascagoula-Gautier School District

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NCLB/State Testing Information

NCLB/State Testing

Mississippi Assessment and Accountability Reporting System (MAARS) - Acquiring NCLB and other various reports

How to Use MAARS to generate NCLB report cards for a given school year

___ (1) Go to this site:

___ (2) Click on the first button "Search for State, District, or School Data"

___ (3) In the dropdown rectangle by 'District', drop the box down and scroll until you get to and select Pascagoula. The screen will reload itself to include Pascagoula and Gautier schools data.

___ (4) Choose the Gautier or Pascagoula school of your choice from the dropdown rectangle by School. The screen will reload again to include your choice of school's data set.

(Unless you wish to view a different year's test data, you can leave the year as is, 2006/2007)

___ (5) From among the 'blue tabs' across the top of the display window, click on 'NCLB RC'.

___ (6) The window entitled, 'ABOUT NCLB REPORT CARDS' contains no data.

       ___ (a) In the second paragraph is a statement, "To get a printable NCLB Report Card page, click the 
                  'Print Selected Tab' button above." 

       ___ (b) Once the button has been clicked, it will take a few seconds for the report to be generated.

       ___ (c) After the report has been generated, once can click File > Print from the menu bar to print the report. 
                  Most all reports for the Gautier and Pascagoula schools are approximately 10 pages long.            

       ___ (d) Close the report window when you are done viewing or printing the report.