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On behalf of the Athletic Department of the Pascagoula - Gautier School District, we welcome you. We are very proud of our programs and are excited your child has chosen to participate.

Athletics is one of the most important elements in the overall education of our students. Sports provide an opportunity to extend the learning process onto the fields and courts thru interscholastic competition, assisting the educational process by instilling and developing skills necessary for future success. These skills include leadership, communication, goal setting, organization, work ethics, self-discipline, perseverance, cooperation, loyalty, and honesty. Please feel free to contact the Athletic Department at 938-6568.

Athletic Department Philosophy

Athletics are an extension of the classroom experience for the student-athlete. Our goal is to assist in empowering all students to succeed in a changing world. We are not an entity unto ourselves but exist to enhance the classroom experience. This philosophy is fully funded and supported by the members of the school board and the Pascagoula – Gautier School District Leadership Team.


Approximately 1,500 students participate in the various sports; the goal of the Athletic Department is to provide wholesome opportunities for students to develop positive and responsible habits and attitudes toward group and social living. We desire to provide the most students possible with the opportunity to experience athletic activity in an effort to enhance their overall educational experience.


The objectives we strive to meet within the Pascagoula – Gautier School District Athletic Department are:

1. Develop the key skills for success as an adult.
2. Develop the fundamental physical skills for athletic endeavors.
3. Develop life long vocational and recreational interest.

Parent’s Creed

As parents, you are an invaluable part of your child’s educational and athletic development. Your attitude and actions have the most impact upon the outcome of your child’s development in the classroom and in the athletic arena. Therefore, it is important that you see athletics for what it can do to assist your child’s development. The Parent Creed:

I will be the positive role model my child needs to become a successful adult. In victory, I will be gracious, humble and thankful. In defeat, I will be strong, honest and accepting.

Athletic Opportunities

The following are the athletic opportunities afforded students grades 7-12 of our district by season:

Fall Season: Football, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Volleyball
Winter Season: Boys/Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, Boys/Girls Soccer
Spring Season: Baseball, Golf, Fast Pitch Softball, Tennis, Track

Football, boys and girls basketball, track and soccer are offered at the middle schools. Students enrolled in grades 7 and 8 interested in sports not offered at their home school may try out for sports offered at the high school.

Pre-Participation Eligibility Requirements

Before any student can participate in any practice session for any sport offered by the Pascagoula School District, the following must be on file in the Athletic Department:

1. Participation consent form signed by parent or legal guardian.
2. Established proof of insurance
3. A physical declaring the athlete fit for participation
4. Established eligibility according to MHSAA and district rules.

Coaches will have the necessary forms.