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Pascagoula-Gautier School District

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Our Facilities

The Pascagoula Transportation Department facility is located at 1102 Dupont Street. Gautier bus compound is located adjacent to Singing River Academy on Gautier-Vancleave Road. 



Director of Transportation

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Joe Gatschet




Assistant Transportation Director  Transportation Coordinator Routing Clerk
Ben Seals Kathy Kitchen Coming soon
Ben Seals Kathy Kitchen Kathleen Mohr



Jason Larue and Clayton Rushing    Luis Melendez, Willie Winters, Ronnie Redfield
Jason Lurie, Clayton Rushing, Luis Melendez, Willie Winters, and Ronnie Redfield



Driver Training   Passenger Training
Prospective employees must possess a commercial drivers license with a passenger and school bus endorsement to be eligible to attend a bus driver certification school. Certification schools are taught by personnel from the State Department of Education and consist of classroom instruction as well as behind-the-wheel time. Trainees are instructed in student management, pre-trip inspections, loading/unloading procedures, State/District regulations, and emergency procedures. Before a properly licensed/certified person can drive a school bus, he/she must pass a D.O.T physical, a pre-employment drug/alcohol test administered by the district’s contracting vendor and be fingerprinted so as to secure a background check on them. All school bus drivers attend a minimum of 8 hours safety-related in-service each school year.   Seventy-five percent of all school bus fatalities occur in “The Danger Zone”-- the ten feet immediately adjacent to the front, rear, and both sides of a school bus—during the loading and unloading process. Nearly two-thirds of the victims are run over by his/her own school bus; the rest are struck and killed by motorists who fail to stop for the flashing red lights on the bus. Typically, the victim is 5 to 8 years of age and has stopped to retrieve a dropped paper or book, or has run after the bus because he’s left something on board. Safe loading/unloading techniques are heavily stressed in driver training, but nothing can take the place of parental guidance.

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Gautier Bus Barn


Pascagoula Bus Barn


Our Philosophy

All students have the right to a safe and pleasant trip to and from school. We believe all students can behave appropriately and safely while riding on a school bus. We cannot tolerate any student interfering with drivers and paraprofessionals doing their jobs, and we continuously work toward protecting all passengers’ right to a safe ride.