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Pascagoula-Gautier School District

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Procedures and Application for CEUs 

GCEIC assists William Carey University in applying for CEU for in-district trainings. Applications must be submitted 3 weeks in advance of the training. You may submit your application for CEUs by completing the following PGSD CEU Application Form. Contact Jeannie Steer with any questions.

Qualifications for Workshops 

  1. CEU credits will be issued for all approved workshops held within the academic year of enrollment at the school or an approved outside location.
  2. All workshops must be a total of five (5) hours or more. Hours must be whole numbers. Round up or down appropriately (4.25 would be 4, 4.50 or more would be 5). If you have a training that includes multiple (justifiably) related sessions, called a series, the hours can be grouped. For instance, PD360 may have multiple sessions that are 3 hours each. But a total of all the sessions is 21 hours. So the submission would be for PD360 for 21 hours (or the total hours attended for THAT teacher). For a series of related sessions, dates should be entered as “first date of series – last date of series” (example: 6/1/15 – 6/15/15) Your individual sign-in sheets and records will reflect who was there on a particular date and how many hours they earned on that date. Record keeping is the responsibility of the school or district. To maximize your CEU credit potential, schedule all individual trainings for five (5) hours or more.
  3. All workshops must be for professional development purposes, continuing your education. This means they must have a trainer scheduled with training materials involved. Online or video format is acceptable.
  4. Some things that have been submitted that cannot qualify are PLC meetings, staff meetings, faculty meetings, etc. unless they have training within those meetings that would have proper approval and records. Only that portion of the meeting will be approved. The training workshop name should appear on the spreadsheet, not what type of meeting it is.
  5. If the workshop is school-based, it should be organized by school administration and approved by the district OR the workshop must be district organized.
  6. All workshop records must include the name of the training, the name and contact information of the trainer (or online/video training information used and who moderated the training), and the sign in records of attendees.
  7. If you are a host for a training that you invite other districts to attend, you can issue CEU requests for your guest teachers with advanced approval. Call for approval and instructions. If the guest's district is not a member of GCEIC or Master In Service, then there will be a fee for the teacher.