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Athletic Programs

Pascagoula-Gautier School District is proud of the exceptional athletes and athletic departments in the district. Our athletic activities provide opportunities for skill development in an environment that accepts and accommodates diversity in physical development, and also play a major role in providing our students with experiences that are essential to building confidence and self-esteem. Whether PGSD students are running to the finish line, scoring a goal, building up their teammates or bringing the community together, sports programs within the district offer opportunities to push the limits. ​


Sport Grade Level Teams Season
Football 7th & 8th  Fall
Cheer Combined 7th & 8th  Fall/Winter
Volleyball (Girls) Combined 7th & 8th  Fall
Soccer (Boys & Girls Teams) Combined 7th & 8th Winter
Basketball (Boys & Girls Teams) 7th & 8th Winter
Baseball (Boys) Combined 7th & 8th Spring
Softball (Girls) Combined 7th & 8th Spring
Track (Boys & Girls Teams) 7th & 8th Spring


Sport Grade Level Teams Season
Football 9th, Jr. Varsity and Varsity Fall
Cheer Combined 9-12 Fall/Winter
Volleyball (Girls) Combined 9-12 Fall
Cross Country (Coed) Combined 9-12 Fall
Swim (Coed) PHS only Combined 9-12 Fall
Soccer (Boys & Girls Teams) Combined 9-12 Winter
Basketball (Boys & Girls Teams) Jr. Varsity & Varsity  Winter
Powerlifting (Boys & Girls Teams)  Combined 9-12 Winter
Baseball (Boys) Jr. Varsity & Varsity  Spring
Softball (Girls) Jr. Varsity & Varsity Spring
Track (Boys & Girls Teams) Combined 9-12 Spring
Golf (Boys & Girls Teams) Combined 9-12 Spring
Tennis (Coed) Combined 9-12 Spring
Bowling (Coed) GHS only Combined 9-12 Spring

Contact Us

Jonathan Story
Gautier Director
of Athletics
Pascagoula Director
of Athletics
Danelle Webber
Athletic Coordinator