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Whole-Child Education » Review 360 Guidance

Review 360 Guidance

General Review 360 Expectations
Review 360 Plans and Progress Monitoring: 
  • All students with Targeted Support Plans (Tier 2) or Formal Behavior Intervention Plans (Tier 3) MUST have Review 360 Plans and be scored (daily) in Review 360. 
District-Wide Behavior Screening:
  •  A behavior screener (BESS in Review 360) must be completed for every student three times per year. 
  • The Review 360 Screening Windows are as follows:
    • September 04 - September 20
    • December 04 - December 20
    • March 24 - April 3
Reporting Incidents (Teacher Managed and Office Managed):
  • Teacher-Managed Incidents (if the teacher provided a classroom consequence) should be recorded in Review 360. 
  • If the Incident cannot be addressed in the classroom and falls under the category of Admin-Managed, an Office Referral (for Admin Review) should be submitted by the teacher. 
  • The Assigned Administrator Processes the Referral
  • If a consequence is provided, the Assigned Office Clerk enters the referral into SAM. 
    •  If ISI or OSS is assigned as the consequence - Completion Data must be entered by the clerk or Admin.
Classroom Management Plans 
  • These plans should be completed at the beginning of each year and submitted to school administrators
Discipline Data Analysis
  • Review 360 has a number of reports that may be used to help schools and educators improve behaviors within their respective buildings. The Whole-Child Education Team should review this data monthly to support and improve student behaviors at Tier 1. 
Review 360 Guidance Documents (PGSD)
Review 360 Training Videos
Dashboard Overview (Administrator) Create a Plan 
Improving Behavior with Review 360 Overview View a Plan 
How to Complete the BESS Screener
Reminder: Teachers and staff should at their R360 dashboard to see the link for additional training videos. Also, there are courses that teachers/staff can assign themselves (or PBS/TST can assign them) on a variety of subjects related to behavior.